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We’re glad you’re here and want to help navigate, and get your family involved in the group.  We place a high value on spiritual maturity. 

Come and join our great groups at Grace 

You are welcome with us

​We’re glad you’re here and want to help navigate, and get your family involved in the group.  We place a high value on spiritual maturity. 

 If you are asking yourself if there is a Korean   Christian church near me, then The Grace Baptist Korean church may be the answer.

What Services or Group to Join?

 Services and Bible groups


  Worship Service 11am

  English Service 10 am

  English Bible Study 11am

  K - 5G Bible Study 11am

  Lunch Fellowship 12 noon

  Adult Cell Discussion 1pm

  Bible Study  10am  


   Praise Worship 8pm


   Morning Prayer Service 6am

Telephone: (773) 732-5627


If you are asking yourself if there is a Korean Christian church near you, the Grace Baptist Korean Church may be the answer.

Wednesday Service

Wednesday 8pm

Mid-week evening service on Wednesday night is a way to get “refueled”  since Sunday services in a more intimate atmosphere than Sunday morning worship where personal prayer requests can be shared,  and individual questions can be addressed. For many, the Wednesday night service is a necessary part of staying spiritually on track.

K-5G Bible Group

    Youth Bible School 11 

​​    We are committed to our children

    and youth.  We strive and offer

    many opportunities for kids to

    get connected with God, friends,

    and caring adult leaders.  Grace

    K-5G students growing together

    in their faith and spending time

    in fellowship.  


   Summer Lock-in K-High School - July
   Summer Vacation Retreat - July
   Annual Christmas Program  -  Dec

   Annual Ski Trip - December

English Minstry (EM)


  EM Service 10am

  EM Bible Study 11am

Sunday  for High School, Middle School, Young adults have a lot to bring to our lives. They ignite each other constant supply of fresh ideas and energy, otherwise stagnate.

We foster healthy continued and new growth, new skills, and a new pledge to hour faith embrace each step along the journey of life. Our doors are open and welcome you the energy of personal or spiritual practice. 

Cell Group Meetings


We meet on the first, Second and Third Sundays at 1pm in various meeting rooms.  

Checkout the s groups and give and receive support for one another.​ 

The cell groups are intended to teach the Bible and personalize our fellowship with one another. We encourage you to develop relationships with fellow members at the Grace who love God and are committed to His principles.

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Tel. 773-732-5627


1501 North Frontage Road
Darien, IL 60559




Service 11:00 - 12

English Ministry Service 10:00 - 11

EM Bible Study 11:00 - 10:00

Cell Group Discussion 1:00-2:00

K-5G Bible Group 11:00-10:00

Wednesday Worship 8:00 - 9:00

Monday Bible Study 10:00 - 11:00